Love & Let Dye

"Love & let dye" is above all a story of girlfriends… Natural, a little bohemian, they wanted to feel beautiful, without being too sophisticated.

On vacation in Bali, they had fun making dresses for the summer, the one we missed: Lightweight, feminine and stylish. The ultra-enthusiastic welcome on Instagram made them want to bring it back for those who wanted it.

From thread - of all colors - to needles, the brand was born and its first collection was launched. Led by the Bali spirit, an gorgeous tie-dye wrap dress, she added other iconic pieces of the easy-wear they hold dear.

Love & let dye… for the love of the beautiful colors which animates them and encouraged them to find their own craftsmen, and to develop with them original colors: the grey-blue of a Balinese stormy sky, the khaki of the rice fields at sunset or the bordeaux of the corals of the Flores sea. Deep colors, others brighter ... to wear according to your mood.

Their clothes are therefore handcrafted in Bali by Benny and Komang, their “taylors”, and by Lilis, their “dyer”.

No factories, no large quantities, so that this adventure remains a pleasure for them, and for you, few of whom will show off in our dresses, tops, or even T-shirts and leggings.

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