International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 
Interview with Alex Bouvy, co-founder of La Suite

International Women’s Day is a reminder of the power women can have when we inspire and support one another. In celebration of this, we highlighted the voice of La Suite co-founder, Alex Bouvy, who does exactly that – makes an impact. In this uplifting and important interview, we discuss how women can indeed rule the world!

1.How did you begin this journey of becoming an inspirational leader in the sustainable fashion space?

I wouldn’t claim to be an ‘inspirational leader’ (not yet) but every day I remember to have fun and think “What can I do or how we can work better to make this great? ” Having a positive attitude is contagious.

2. You launched La Suite in Dubai – why was it important to create this business for your female audience? 

It was important because as a woman I can recognize our needs and there is a lack of nice but affordable brands and sustainable concepts in the region. 

3. Please share one key piece of advice for women in business. 

Be strong, work hard, and never give up. For working mum (like me), I am an advocate for flexibility. I continuously strive to find the balance between mum and work-life. 

4. Do you have any daily practices or self-care rituals that help you navigate the world in and outside of your comfort zone?

It’s very important to keep some free time dedicated to my family as they give me strength and confidence. And also making time for fitness sports (3 times a week) to let go, it’s the only moment I can switch my phone off.

5. What women are you personally inspired by?

I’m inspired by all the women who have overcome their fears of taking huge risks to grow and evolve personally and in business to achieve their goals & dreams.

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